Server info x0.01

This server launched in May 2020.


  • XP/SP – 0,01
  • Adena – 0,01
  • Drop – 0,01
  • Spoil – 0,01
  • Quests – 1
  • Seal Stones – 0,01
  • Raid drop – 0,02
  • Manor – 0,1 (ish)
  • Hellbound trust – Fully opened.


    • Main feature – Stupidly low rates. A whooping 1% of the default retail rates. Life in this server is incredibly slow and painful. But rewarding as hell once you finally do it.
    • Secondary feature – Monster respawn timers reduced to 10 seconds almost everywhere. It can be good. It can be bad. But it’s for you to manage.
    • Tertiary feature – Very expensive custom skills for you to farm for. Extra 100% HP or MP or both. Extra stat points. Extra movement speed and so on. Also custom clan skills that allow another 100% on top of personal. Also potentially unlimited enchantig with Destruction enchants.
    • Buff times 2 hours. Except game breaking ones.
    • Some custom items, NPC and skills. Please see info below.

      Other info

      • H5 chronicle.
      • QoL custom skills – extra inventory, weight, storage, trade. HP/MP potion “bottling up”.
      • No grade penalty.
      • Class master via html window once level reached as premium option only.
      • Custom server currency used for custom shops.
      • NPC buffer available.
      • No custom teleporter. However my teleports limit increased to 50.
      • Auction disabled.
      • Custom shops.
      • Custom items – Consumables only.
      • Botting alowed. But only single characters. No party bot trains. Anything more than 1 bot per location will get all your accounts banned. No co-operation between botters allowed either.

      Full patchnotes can be found in our Discord chat.